Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Services

Our mechanical engineering expertise includes HVAC, plumbing, fire suppression, and building automation systems, as well as assessment, upgrade and optimization of existing building systems.

Whether you are looking to build a new high-rise MURB, optimize a chiller plant, build a commercial restaurant or upgrade your dust collection system, we have the knowledge and experience to guide your project to success.

We can also assist your team in seeking various incentive and rebate programs through BC Hydro and FortisBC (see also our “Energy Modelling” services).

Our services cover your project from inception through design, permitting, tender, construction and commissioning phases.


Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning design for any commercial, industrial, institutional, or multi-unit residential building , including retrofits, additions and upgrades. Experienced with District Energy Utilities, heat recovery strategies and low-carbon HVAC system designs. Energy- and carbon-efficient designs contribute to energy efficiency targets, regulatory compliance and lower operating costs.



Design of sanitary and storm collection, storage, drainage, venting, re-use and pumping systems. Domestic water storage, distribution, pumping, heating and recirculation systems to suit the needs of any project. Experienced with sewer heat recovery systems and low-carbon or carbon-free pre-heating strategies such as supplemental solar and base load water source heat pumps.

Fire Suppression

Design and specification for building fire suppression systems, including sprinkler head layouts, hydraulic pipe sizing, and incorporation of alternative solutions. Designs are tailored to the specific project need, ensuring life safety and code compliance while reducing installed cost.


Specification of building automation system components and sequences of operation needed to control and monitor your building’s systems. Whether you need to optimize energy efficiency, maximize occupant comfort, protect delicate assets, or identify maintenance issues, our designs will have your building running the way you want it to with minimal oversight..

Existing Building Systems

Consulting with building owners on existing mechanical systems for renovations/additions, modernization projects, or a troubleshoot and resolve operational issues. By investigating on-site and working closely with operations staff, we are able to achieve your objectives to improve or expand your building assets.